STRETCHED: Expanding Notions of Artistic Practice through Artist-led Cultures is a three-year long (2015-2018), Fine Art practice-based research project funded by the Swedish Research Council.

Action: CO-ORGANISE! / Event and book launch: Artist Run Europe: Practices, Projects and Spaces.

Action: Co-Organise! 3 October 2016, at Skogen. Gothenburg, SE. 

Artists, politicians, bureaucrats, art’s self-organisers and representatives of institutions are invited to co-participate in an event to consider how to implement support-systems for the development and care of self-organised art initiatives in the Västra Götaland region. 

A handout can be found on the feed post with detailed information and the schedule for ACTION: CO-ORGANISE! Printed versions will be available on Oct 3.

This event builds on that convened by students from Valand Academy at Göteborgs Konsthall in May 2016, partially in response to a series of Göteborgs Posten articles. 60 people, from different constituencies, attended and contributed. Collectively, we discussed what exists already, what a future may look like and what support-systems may be required to build on the foundations that artists have struggled to develop here over decades and generations.

A written record from that event was compiled and can be found on the post feed. Also, a partial VIDEO RECORD was produced and viewable here: That record has informed the format of ACTION: CO-ORGANISE! as has a recent report commissioned by Kultur i Väst, which is viewable here: We know that both these may need questioning. 

Approximately 60 people have booked including numerous artists, politicians and bureaucrats. We welcome more but booking helps us to cater and care. We recognise differing employment conditions of attendees and their availability. It is fine for you to attend all of the event or part of it. A written record of the day will be made available. 

GUESTS: A number of local and international guests with experiences of collective working and/or in self-organisation from multiple perspectives will join us as provocateurs and/or moderators: ANDREAS ENGMAN, Artist (SE); MEGS MORLEY/Para-Institution (IE); SARAH MUNRO, Director of BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art (UK); ANDREA PHILLIPS, Valand Academy (SE) and HENRIK SPUTNES, author of Kluster För en Självorganiserad Samtidskonst (SE). 

This is an open discussion and workshop platform that seeks to bring different constituents together to develop tactics, strategies and ideas for how to develop our self-organised art scene and its conditions. It aims to be responsive to those attending and respectful of the knowledge gathered from multiple perspectives. 


The morning is dedicated to welcomes, introductions and discussions via an open mic session called PROVOCATIONS. You are welcome to contribute to this on the day and voice your opinion, share experiences and offer ideas. 


After lunch we will have an introduction and vote on our PRIORITIES. We will then move to PURPOSES by working in small groups to design initiatives and make recommendations for support systems to improve conditions and advance our milieu for self-organisation. We will gather for a full group discussion to consider what steps need to come next – if any. 


BOOK LAUNCH AND MINGLE WITH REFRESHMENTS AND TAPAS. A new book ‘Artist-Run Europe: Practice/Projects/Spaces’ (Eds. Cullen, Mark and Gavin Murphy. Eindhoven: Onomatopee. 2016) will be launched with two of its contributors. We have 50 copies to give away to those attending. We will then end with refreshments and tapas. 

ACTION: CO-ORGANISE! is supported by Valand Academy, Skogen and Kultur i Väst.

Photo documentation by Kjell Caminha. Video documentation by Ram Krishna Ranjan.

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