STRETCHED: Expanding Notions of Artistic Practice through Artist-led Cultures is a three-year long (2015-2018), Fine Art practice-based research project funded by the Swedish Research Council.

On a Par? A colloquy on enquiry, working together, and curating.

On a Par? A colloquy on enquiry, working together, and curating. 30 September 2016. Glasgow, UK.

Promiscuous and partnered, convivial and over-socialised, networked and atomised, diligent and precarious, generous and indebted, imaginative and exhausted?

We need to meet. Let’s work together.

Presentations and discussions: Jason E. Bowman, Ben Cranfield, Julie Crawshaw, Benjamin Fallon, Cicely Farrer, James N. Hutchinson, Kirsteen Macdonald, Megs Morley, Andrea Phillips, Mick Wilson and Lesley Young.

Co-organised by: Framework and Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg.

Critical expansions in curating, its developing literature and promises run concurrent to our always-on  conditions and the capitalised spectacle of contemporary art production, its institutions and circuits. With capacity to evolve through a rotating series of turns (social, educational, research, para-curatorial, locational), the ‘gift of the curatorial’ (Martinon) is seen to be an extension of curating  towards immediate politics, developing socialities and instituting world-making futures. Punctuated by communalised, collaborative and collectivised working methods, artistic and curatorial practices have a potential to repurpose and nuance ‘meetings’ to foster new relations; revise existing registers and orders; conspire towards new organisational practices and institutional constructions and thus effect new modalities such as exhibition-making as research or redrafting our own constituencies. Concurrently, in the ever-decreasing division between labour and life, curating becomes entangled with the everyday busyness of contemporary art; nevertheless retaining the possibility to rehearse other conceptions such as adapting art’s institutions and the potential to recuperate projects. This invokes a need to interrogate how art and life is affected when working together, who togetherness excludes, what can be un/done, and for whom?

This colloquy assembles researchers and practitioners who share an engagement with the developing discourse and praxis of curating. Together we will consider: 

What can be un/done through collaborative non/work? What exhibitionary registers influence how we discuss artistic life/work? What are the implications of constituting exhibitions as research? How does the curatorial act upon structures of organisation? For whom do we curate? How do we administrate working together?

The remaining video documentation of the event is available here.

Photo documentation by Kjell Caminha.

Action: CO-ORGANISE! / Event and book launch: Artist Run Europe: Practices, Projects and Spaces.

The Stable (A Collaborative Story), by Julie Crawshaw, Malin Lindmark Vrijman and Mathieu Vrijman